Author: Alta Oneil

Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing in Bluffdale, UT

Housing is a huge expense, and one that a lot of families struggle with. There are some low income housing apartment complexes in Bluffdale, Utah, and these offer people who are struggling financially a stable place to live. The Housing AUthority of the County of Salt Lake offers public housing in Bluffdale, and there is […]

Hike in Utah

Going for a Hike in Utah

When you think about all of the different places in the world that you could go hiking, most people are not going to consider the possibility of doing it in Utah. As a matter of fact, Utah is a state that tends to be swept under the carpet and most people don’t give it credit […]

Outdoors In Utah

Enjoy The Great Outdoors In Utah

Utah is an amazing place to live, either by yourself or with your family. You can enjoy the great outdoors when you live in Utah and you are close to the mountains and desert. If you love to explore the outdoors, you will love living in Utah because there are so many different things to […]