Affordable Housing in Bluffdale, UT

Housing is a huge expense, and one that a lot of families struggle with. There are some low income housing apartment complexes in Bluffdale, Utah, and these offer people who are struggling financially a stable place to live. The Housing AUthority of the County of Salt Lake offers public housing in Bluffdale, and there is at least one affordable apartment property in the area, and 168 affordable apartments. Interestingly, only a small percentage of these are occupied at this time, so if you are looking for somewhere to live with a relatively low rent, then there are plenty of options.

More than one third of households that rent in Bluffdale are classed as being rent overburdened at this time. To be classed as rent overburdened, you would need to be paying more than thirty percent of your gross income out in rent. The median gross household income is just under $90,000 per year, and the median rent is $956 per month, so rent in general could be classed as being quite affordable – however, for a household to be classed as rent overburdened, they would need to be renting a property that is at or above that rent, and have an income of $3,187 a month or lower, which is an acceptable figure for an entry level job, so many single income families could well find themselves in a position where they fall into the overburdened category, through no fault of their own.

Affordable housing is widely available in Bluffdale, and the housing authority will do its best to match people with properties that are not out of their reach, and offer rental assistance if necessary. There are also Tax Credit options that can help people in Bluffdale to get access to rent limited properties to suit them.